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The World's Best Insulation

Hyper-insulation with Triple Protection From Heat

Radiant Barrier, Ventilation and Insulation

GreenStar Panels are designed to protect the building envelope in 3 ways and keep the heat from ever entering your attic. Typical attics though vented, can reach temperatures in excess of 160 degrees on a summer day. This heat works its way into the house making it hot and uncomfortable. Most of your electric costs are a result of trying to overcome that heat. GreenStar Panels have the solution by expelling the heat before it gets into your attic. Now your AC system operates in a cooler attic which makes it more efficient and last longer. You can now utilize your attic space for additional storage uncluttering valuable living area.

Radiant Heat Barrier

Aluminum reflects 97% of the sun’s radiant heat. But in the process the aluminum get extremely hot. Touching a foil wrapped baked potato or a foil wrapped corn cob just out of the oven would not be wise. If you do you could get burned. It would be much safer to use an oven mitt to protect your hand. A radiant barrier in an attic works the same way if not insulated. The aluminum’s surface temperature transfers the heat into your attic negating the radiant heat barrier’s effectiveness.

Ventilation & Air Barrier

When the radiant barrier is properly insulated and ventilated, the surface temperature of the roof will not have time to heat up your attic. The heat naturally moves upward through a 1” convection channel, effectively moving up and out before it can heat up your attic. The soffit vents pull cool air up through the air channel and out the roof ridge vent instead of entering your attic. With our GreenStar Panel’s patent pending design, air is allowed to pass through an channel under the roof deck and above the 3” EPS insulation panel. This creates an air gap that prevents the sun’s radiant heat from heating your attic space.

Attic Insulation

The use of a radiant barrier with insulation keeps surface heat from transferring much slower. Heat will eventually transfer into the attic with enough time. Air does not transfer heat through conduction making it a good insulator. The one inch of airspace combined with the 3-inch EPS panel will stop any measurable heat from entering the attic by conduction. Our 3” GreenStar Panels gives an R-12 protection against any conductive heat transfer. It is easy to hold a foam cup filled with hot soup but the same soup in a metal cup could burn your hand. That’s how EPS stops heat from conduction into your attic.

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