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An Innovative Solution to an Age Old Problem . . . Trapped Heat in Our Attics!


Greenstar Panels were created with the goal of providing next-generation insulation . . . Hyper-Insulation . . . to create immediate comfort, value, and savings for Homeowners. Hyper-Insulation creates a continuous envelope of insulation to isolate heat and cold from the residents inside the structure. Greenstar Panels are easy to install in both new and existing homes or businesses. Since late 2011, almost 100 homeowners have realized at least 30% in annual KW energy usage with one attaining 64% in savings!

This revolutionary product allowed 3 partners to join their wide-ranging skills and Greenstar Panels was born! Inventor Paul White, Larry Madrid, and Bill Mutz are working to make Greenstar Panels become an affordable solution made broadly available to homeowners wanting these same savings! By substantially lowering attic temperatures through a proven system and by enhancing existing construction methods without compromising them in the future, Hyper-Insulation substantially lowers your attic temperature. This dramatically reduces the run time of your air conditioning system saving on wear & tear, but more importantly, on monthly utility expense. Latent afternoon attic heat intrusion disappears and comfort is immediately experienced.


Your home is just that, your home. We believe that you should not have to sacrifice comfort just because that is how your home was built. By substantially lowering your attic temperature, it creates a constant temperature throughout your home. Your home stays at the temperature you want. It cuts down on the turning on, and shutting off, and turning on, and shutting off of your air conditioner. We eliminate the annoying creaking noise coming from your ceiling. Our customers have told us that they even sleep better because their bedroom remains at the same temperature, the temperature they set it at, throughout the night.


Studies show that an energy efficient house could sell for about 9% more than an average home. Those homes also stay on the market a fraction of the time. This is what we are doing for you. If you ever plan to move from your current home, your investment in Greenstar Panels will be reflected in the sales price. So not only will you be recouping your investment in your monthly savings, that investment will be added to the overall value of your home.

This is the benefit that keeps us motivated. Owning a home is a big financial responsibility. For us it was simple, come up with a solution that allows homeowners to cut down on their monthly expenses. Your heating and cooling can cost as much as 50% of your electric bill, or more in some cases. With Greenstar Panels, that percentage is significantly reduced. Every home is different, so every customer experiences a different amount of savings, but we do everything we can to make sure that savings is a great as possible.