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Cotton Insulation Lakeland Florida

Cotton insulation is made mostly of cotton—a natural, renewable resource—with a small amount of boron as a flame retardant and some polyester. Cotton insulation has a similar R-value to cellulose for a given thickness of insulation.

The majority of cotton used in insulation is recovered from scrap generated in denim manufacturing; one company makes insulation with 85 percent recycled content. Cotton farming is very water- and pesticide-intensive, though manufacturing cotton insulation overall is not a very energy-intensive process. Cotton insulation contains no formaldehyde, and its fibers will not cause respiratory or skin problems unless you are specifically allergic.

Cotton batts can be used in the same places as fiberglass or mineral wool batts, rolled out between open roof rafters, ceiling joists, or wall studs. Loose fill is also suitable for attic floors and wall cavities. As with any cavity insulation and any natural material, an elevated moisture level is not acceptable. Cotton insulation can cost twice as much as fiberglass for similar insulation effectiveness, though you can save money by installing it yourself, since cotton can be handled without safety equipment or the health concerns of other types of insulation. Batts come in standard sizes.