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What is a Greenstar Panel?

A Greenstar Panel is a patent-pending type of continuous hyper-inulation® system that creates an air envelope at the top of the attic in the home. It is designed to fit in between the trusses and can be installed in most existing homes as well as in new construction.

Where can I buy Greenstar Panels?

Greenstar Panels are available from a number of dealers. You can use the Locate a Dealer page, or use the contact page to send us an email.

How do I install Greenstar Panels?

Greenstar Panels are best installed by a Certified Greenstar Panel Installer, but can also be installed by a homeowner. Each panel contains Snap Tabs that allows the system to fit between a high percentage of trusses. For more information on how to install, view the installation videos that are available on the Greenstar Panels website.

What is EPS?

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) is an excellent insulation material used to insulate coolers, cups, refrigeration units, etc. It is a lightweight material (about 1 to 6 pounds per cubic foot) and is about 30 times lighter than water. It is the main component of Greenstar Panels and is used to reduce the amount of heat that is transferred into the attic. Click here for more info.

What is a radiant barrier?

Greenstar Panels contain an aluminum foil facing that acts as a radiant barrier. With the proper air space, a radiant barrier can reflect 97% of the radiant heat that enters through the roof. Click here for more info.

What is R-Value?

R-Vaue is the capacity of an insulating material to resist heat flow. The higher the R-value, the greater the insulating power. R-Values typically only measure the conductive properties of an insulation material and don’t take into consideration the ability to reflect radiant heat as well as the process of venting convective heat.

What is the warranty for Greenstar Panels?

Greenstar Panels have a limited lifetime warranty when installed by a Certified Greenstar Panel Installer. For more information about the warranty requirements, download the warranty document GSPWarranty.

How do bugs and rodents affect the Greenstar Panels in my attic?

Greenstar Panels are specially formulated during the manufacturing process to include boric acid that kills insects and small rodents. Don’t worry, though, there is only a small amount and it will not effect your pets or small children.

Will Greenstar Panels affect the cell phone reception in my home?

Due to the reflective properties of Greenstar Panels, you may notice a decrease in cell phone reception. This problem has affected a very low percentage of customers who have installed Greenstar Panels or other products, such as radiant barriers, in their homes. Most major cell phone providers offer a signal booster for a reasonable cost.