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How Insulating a Warehouse Lowered Temperatures by 70 Degrees

Most warehouses have no insulation, which means heat radiates down from the roof and creates scorching temperatures and unsafe conditions for workers and incoming guests. Not only is this a liability, but it’s also not an appealing shopping experience for customers, either. After all, it’s difficult to focus on the best deal when you’re too busy sweating and suffering from excessive heat.

With the proper insulation solution, you can keep your warehouse cooler and more hospitable for guests. This results in more sales from customers, as they’re able to shop comfortably and not rush to leave for fear of heat stroke.

Furniture Warehouse Case Study

An 18,000 square foot furniture retail store had no insulation or AC, which meant temperatures upwards of 177 degrees fahrenheit radiated down from the roof and created an oven inside the space. Workers were miserable, and customers could barely shop in the 120 degree heat, even if it was for a great deal. Even worse, some of the vinyl seating had surface temperatures recorded at 125 degrees – an unbearable heat that you definitely wouldn’t want to sit on (talk about a hot seat!).

After installing Greenstar Panels, ambient temperatures in the warehouse were recorded at 88 degrees; an incredible difference between the overwhelming heat from before. This made the furniture retail store a safer and more enjoyable experience for workers and customers alike.

Greenstar Panels: How it Works

Unlike other open-cell or closed-cell spray foam insulation which can emit harmful gasses and cause health problems if installed improperly, Greenstar Panels simplify the process of insulating your space. How? Through conduction, of course! Our 2” EPS Panels protect the building envelope and expel heat before it ever enters your corporate or home attic. Since our Panels aren’t installed directly against the roof, this also extends the life of your roof shingles and keeps them cooler.

Our unique Panels:

  • Have been shown to reduce cooling costs up to 50%
  • Are manufactured from 1lbs density EPS foam (100% recyclable Expanded Polystyrene) and don’t give off any toxic off-gasses or degrade over time
  • Protect from all types of heat transfer
  • At 2”, have the best rating in the industry at R-38
  • Reflect 97% of radiant heat automatically

Want to learn more? We’ve got another case study about how our Greenstar Panels helped a Lakeland, FL based ministry warehouse reduce temperatures from 160 degrees to 89 degrees after installing 16’ Greenstar Panels to the existing metal ceiling framework. Read more here, or feel free to contact us to get convenient pricing and financing options for your home or business!