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Mineral Wool Insulation Companies in Lakeland FL

Mineral wool is made of strands of minerals, either from abundant rock or the recycled slag from iron-ore blast furnaces. The EPA requires that mineral wool contain at least 70 percent recycled content by weight, second only to cellulose. The proportion of recycled materials in mineral wool can surpass 90 percent; look for high recycled content and ask if you don’t see the information displayed.

Though more expensive than cellulose and fiberglass, mineral wool is more durable and moisture-resistant. It continues to insulate when wet, and it tends to maintain efficiency better under varied conditions. It also has superior flame retardant properties. Available as batts and loose fill, mineral wool can be used anywhere inside the home, though only specially made mineral wool products should be used below grade.

Like fiberglass, mineral wool is very energy intensive to produce in furnaces, though it requires less energy per R-value than fiberglass. Mineral wool fibers pose no health threat beyond possible short-term respiratory and skin irritation during installation. However, mineral wool may contain up to 5 percent phenol-formaldehyde by weight—more than most fiberglass insulations. This is potentially harmful to indoor air quality, so check a product’s material safety data sheet (MSDS) if you are concerned.