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Advantages of Radiant Barrier

Reflective insulation and radiant barriers reduce the radiation of heat to or from the surface of a material. Radiant barriers will reflect radiant energy. A radiant barrier by itself will not affect heat conducted through the material by direct contact or heat...

HERS: Home Energy Rating System

Temperature of our model home on a Florida summer day (unfinished) Oasis Verde – New Model Home View Our Preliminary HERS Rating of 53: Energy Rating Report >> View Monthly AC/Heating Estimate of $21.00: Energy Summary Report >> View Case Study #1 for Madrid...
Heat Gain / Loss in Buildings

Heat Gain / Loss in Buildings

There are three modes of heat transfer: CONDUCTION, CONVECTION, and RADIATION (INFRARED). Of the three, radiation is the primary mode; conduction and convection are secondary and come into play only as matter interrupts or interferes with radiant heat transfer. As...

Expanded Polystyrene Foam (EPS)

Advantages Environmentally Friendly: Contains no dyes, formaldehyde or ozone-depleting HCFCs, may contain recycled material and is 100% recyclable.   Insect and Mold Resistant: Can be manufactured with an inert additive that deters termites and carpenter ants....


Hyper-insulation with Triple Protection From Heat Radiant Barrier, Ventilation and Insulation GreenStar Panels are designed to protect the building envelope in 3 ways and keep the heat from ever entering your attic. Typical attics though vented, can reach temperatures...