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The World's Best Insulation


29% Reduction in electricity use
57% less energy use than comparable houses


Greenstar Panels
Double Pane Windows
16 SEER AC Unit
CFL’s (Compact fluorescent Lights)

Case Study

During the Summer of 2013, Greenstar Panels were installed into the home of Melinda Cole on Cameo Drive.

Cameo Drive is in a subdivision of identical white-painted homes. with white tile roofs. Earlier research has shown that tile roofs help produce cooler attics. Tile is an effective insulator as evidenced by its former use in protecting Space Shuttles from high heat during re-entry. Despite it’s presence, after 6 months at KW usage by Ms. Cole, she experienced 29% reduction in electric use compared to the same 6 months usage the prior year.

By comparing this KW usage to her surrounding neighbors, the Cole home consumed 57% less energy than of 3 of the 4 homes tested. At the time of this report, her most recent Energy bill WAS JUST $23. This demonstrated that even somewhat energy efficient homes still benefit from Greenstar Panels and experience significant reduction in energy use.

A recent note from this delighted homeowner stated:

“Merry belated Christmas, Paul! You may remember me as the home owner on Cameo Drive in Lakeland that was showing you her electric bills decreasing from $45 in Oct. to $36 in Nov. Well, I am thrilled to shale With you that Dec.’s bill was only $28!! I owe lots and lots of gratitude to you and your very professional and friendly team for the very efficient and effective installation of the insulation panels placed below my roof that so wonderfully insulate my whole home. YOUR COMPANY IS THE BEST FOR CUSTOMER SERVICE, PRODUCT INNOVATION & PROFESSIONAL INSTALLATION!!!